The Paint Tutors Up (PaintUp) project, launched on 2nd October 2017, is intended to reinforce the tutor's role in Work Based Learning, namely in the apprenticeship systems with the involvement of the sector stakeholders and a strong engagement of the companies.

The objective is to bring out, through a mapping of the tutor's role in different VET contexts, the common elements that could make a contribution to a painting, decorating and finishing sector approach, motivating VET providers, schools, companies and teachers, trainers and tutors to improve their skills, namely transversal skills, through a unit learning outcome qualification specifically addressed to the tutors. The tutor plays a crucial role in improving the employability of the trainees and apprentices. The quality of the tutor's training can increase the attractiveness of the sector for the young people boosting skills and employability.

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UNIEP (LU) is the International Union of Painting Contractors representing around 280,000 businesses through its 19 member associations in 15 European countries. Since 1953, UNIEP has been the voice for painting contractors and allied trades and is the authoritative trade association representing Professional Painters.


EPP (BE) is a European Association promoting particularly among youth, trades of painting/flooring and the finishing activities of the construction; organizing communication operations and training activities, and informing finishing professionals on practices in line with the techniques and regulations that affect them, particularly in environmental matters.


IFAPME (BE) is a Belgian training centre with around 15.000 students and more than 1.000 certified people per year.


CCCA-BTP (FR) is a Frenh professional organization in charge of coordinating the apprenticeship in the construction industry.


DONCASTER COLLEGE (UK): is a British VET provider with strong competences in the painting sector and apprenticeship programmes.


SIOV (SK): is a Slovak professional and educational institution of the Ministry of Education, guarantor for the issues of vocational education and training for the whole network of secondary VET schools.


IMANOVATION (PT): is a Portuguese private sector company with a strong experience in apprenticeship and quality assurance.

The 7-members partnership is balanced between partners with a strong experience in European projects and new-coming partners. Gathering different traditions on the tutor's role, PaintUp aims to bring together different perspectives and to establish a framework for tutors to support the painter companies in UNIEP's and other countries.